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this post to anyone who would have info about starting a table tennis club

in a high school or elementary school.

particularly, what are the steps? and any special tips or advice.

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If you’re looking to start a school club then there are a few things to keep in mind:

– Need permission to use the school facility; you will most likely require some type of teach supervision.

– Where will you get equipment? Tables, nets, balls, rackets? Who will pay for it?

– Where will equipment be stored? Does the school have storage facility? Will they allow it?

– Do you have other students seriously interested in joining the club?  If you can get a teacher interested, this can probably solve a lot of your issues.

– Does your school require a number of people to join before the club can recognized?

– Do you have volunteers to help out?  You probably don’t want to do everything yourself and most likely won’t always be available; deligating responsibility can make a club stronger with the right people involved.

Just some thoughts, good luck.

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