Table tennis is an indoor ball and racket game that is either played in singles or doubles. It is also informally known as ping-pong. Uptil 2000, it used to be played on 11 points per match which had been increased to 21 points per match after the Sydney Olympics 2000. The table tennis tournaments are as exciting for sports enthusiasts as any other sports tournaments. Therefore this blog has been written to enlighten you about the ifs and buts of table tennis tournaments and sports betting in table tennis. If sports betting is your way of enjoying table tennis, continue reading if you want to find out the best betting reviews, including information about bonuses and mobile app compatibility.

Betting Rules, Tips, Odds & Strategy

Every time your opponent misses to hit the ball on his side or hits the ball before dropping on his side or the ball touches the net when he services, you score one point in the game of Ping-Pong techniques. The winner is the one who scores the highest near to 11 points.

Gambling in table tennis tournaments has a small market, yet if we want to make the most of it we need to keep some points in our head. Players also need to keep in mind that if they use casino bonuses from online betting sites, they can reduce the overall amount of money spend. These bonuses also allow you to play awesome casino games for free. For the best offers look no further than There are a few betting tips and strategies that we must keep in mind before placing a bet in table tennis which is given in the next column.

Strategies To Win On Table Tennis Tournaments Betting

The winning strategies for you while betting will be:

  1. checking the world ranking is important but what’s more important is to check the ups and downs of the players of the world ranking.
  2. Have a thorough knowledge of the wins, defeat and the current score of the player you want to bet on.
  3. Betting on tournaments that are low in world ranking will involve less risk and more gain.
  4. If you have unlocked the mystery of the style of play in the game that you want to bet on, you have won half the battle. Let’s say, for example, a winner of all time may not win against a left-handed player.
  5. Also, invest some time on investigating what your player does in the times he is not playing.

Bet On Table Tennis Through Canadian Online Casinos

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