Results of the 2018 table tennis World Cup in Disneyland Paris

The 2018 table tennis World Cup was held in Disneyland Paris from October 19 to 21. The competition was sold out in an amazing atmosphere!

Find the best of the competition!

What an atmosphere at the World Cup in Paris

Among the highlights of the 2018 World Cup, the atmosphere is in a good position. For three days, the public at the Disney Events Arena turned the arena into a real arena that was welcomed by all the players. An indescribable atmosphere sustained by the numerous activities proposed throughout the weekend that contributed greatly to the success of the event.

For three days, the 4’000 or so spectators turned the venue into a veritable Boiling Arena, each giving voice to support the French, but also the others, creating a real communion brimming with passion and enthusiasm, the osmosis between the stands and the playground. The athletes couldn’t believe it. How could the players not have wanted to give the best of what they know to do : play?

Chinese Fan Zhendong won the final against German Timo Boll to win the second title of his career after 2016.

Fan Zhendong Master of the Game

Fan Zhendong is the master of table tennis today. The Chinese dominated German Timo Boll in the 2018 World Cup final. A new high-level performance, in front of an audience entirely devoted to the cause of German, which allows the young Asian to take the test for the second time in his career after his title acquired in 2016 in Sarrebrück. His compatriot Lin Gaoyuan completed the podium and confirmed the Middle Empire’s hold on the discipline.

After a long-awaited first day of competition at Disneyland Paris, Simon Gauzy and Emmanuel Lebesson qualified for the 8th finals of the 2018 World Cup. Carried by the public, the two tricolors have managed to reverse compromised situations and join tomorrow’s circle of the world’s 16 best players — true performance in terms of the quality of the tea.

Simon Gauzy Reaction

On his guard yesterday after the draw, Simon Gauzy had an emotional first day in Disneyland Paris. Serene for his entry into the race against the young American Jha Kanak at the beginning of the session, the French n°1 then showed character and determination to overcome the Nigerian Quadri Aruna. Dominated for three innings, Simon Gauzy let the storm pass to take over bit by bit and finally win the belle. A reversal of the situation that gives Toulouse the first place in the group, synonymous with qualification for the 8th finals.

Simon Gauzy: “I’m glad I passed the hens, especially in this beautiful atmosphere. I was far behind against Quadri Aruna, but in spite of everything, I continued to believe it, and finally, I managed to turn the situation around. It’ll be another level tomorrow for the 8th finals. We’ll see what the draw has in store for me. »

Emmanuel Lebesson Foils Prognosis

Placed in Pool A alongside the Brazilian Hugo Calderano and the Belorussian Vladimir Samsonov, Emmanuel Lebesson was not a favorite to leave the qualifying phase. With his back to the wall in his first match against the great Brazilian hope Hugo Calderano, Emmanuel managed to achieve the unthinkable: going up a handicap of 3 sets to 1 and 9/6 in the 5th set to get a first major victory. Because in the second half of the pool, Vladimir Samsonov also gained the upper hand over Calderano, allowing Emmanuel Lebesson to be assured of finishing in one of the first two group places even before his final match. In the fight against the Belorussian at the end of the session, the Frenchman passed close to a final round but gave in at the end of the 6th round. A very successful day that opens the doors of the 8th finals!

Emmanuel Lebesson: “the contract is fulfilled. I do not regret anything of my day. Thanks to public support, I managed to play at a level I hadn’t reached in a while. It wasn’t easy to get out of a chicken that high. It is a great satisfaction to have the opportunity to play again tomorrow against one of the eight best players in the world at home. »

The International table tennis Federation has unveiled the list of invited players for the men’s World Cup which will take place from October 19 to 21 at the Disney Events Arena. The federations have until August 20 to confirm or not the participation of their players. The FFTT has already validated the presence of Simon Gauzy for the representative of the host country and Emmanuel Lebesson as a wild card. Danish Jonathan Groth and Swedish Mattias Karlsson are also confirmed. After August 20, the list of participants will be final except in case of a package.

Stéphane Engler, creator of visual: “to design the artistic direction of this campaign, I rebounded on the Disney “codes”, knowing that the World Cup of table Tennis is taking place in Disneyland Paris. The creative spring is based on the parallel between the genius of Aladdin (alluded to in the visible universe) and the genius of the best apologists who will perform at this event. I wanted to associate the exceptional nature of this sporting event with the fantastic universe of the place in which it will take place. »