Welcome to Scarborough kings table tennis club, the biggest online platform for table tennis Scarboroughand tips. Table tennis also is known as Ping-Pong is an indoor bat and ball game that is either played in singles or doubles. It is played over a table that is divided by a net in between. The game is played with a lightweight small ball that is hit by small-sized rackets from both sides. It can be called indoor badminton in terms of rules. However, the Ping Pong techniques vary largely from that of any ball and racket game.

Origin And History of Table Tennis aka Ping-Pong

Like any other game, table tennis also is not devoid of a history of its own. It basically started in 1880 when the lawn tennis players started looking for an indoor alternative in the winters. They started playing portable table tennis as a parlor game where anyone was allowed to come and play. Then it started getting popular and during the end of the 1800s, Parker Brothers of USA, the famous board game company patented the name Ping-Pong to their name. Ever since then table tennis store Toronto has never looked back and has been gathering more and more crowd in the Ping-Pong world championship every year. Except these few years because of the current state of the world. Fret not, because you can simply go to the NoDepositBonusesUK site and grab yourself a hefty no deposit bonus that you can use to play totally free, no strings attached. This bonus can be used in lots of online casinos.

ITTF Ping-Pong World Championships

The ITTF Ping Pong world championship is the most awaited Ping Pong world championship amid the table tennis enthusiasts around the world. This year the Ping Pong world championship is being held in Budapest, Hungary in between 21st to 29th April. This tournament has been taking place since 1926 and takes place every odd-numbered year. A total of five events ie, men’s singles, men’s double, women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles are played in the tournament. Visit any online casino or online bookie that lists this championship to place sports wagers from your mobile phone. Don’t forget that you should search for apps and casino sites that regularly update their player promotions because there is nothing better than stumbling upon a free bonus and playing your favorite gambling games or placing bets free of charge.

Table Tennis Rules And Rule Changes After The 2000 Olympics

Every time your opponent misses to hit the ball on his side or hits the ball before dropping on his side or the ball touches the net when he services, you score one point in the game of Ping-Pong . The winner is the one who scores the highest near to 11 points. However, there was a significant change in the rules of Ping Pong techniques after the Olympics held in Sydney in the year 2000. The Ping Pong techniques rules changed from a score of 11 to 21 and that was in effect from 1st January 2001. Also, the ball size was changed from 38mm to 40mm. along with that many other changes like the change in the size of the racket and the height of the net and the board was made after the 2000 Sydney Olympics and has been followed ever since.

International Competitions And Championships

There are many world championships on Ping Pong techniques that take place every year. The most renowned among them is of course

  1. The table tennis event in the Olympics
  2. International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) world cup
  3. Table Tennis world cup
  4. World table tennis championship

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What Is The Difference Between Table Tennis And Ping-Pong?

Although the fact lays that ping pong techniques and table tennis are both the same, the difference lies in the status of their players. Table tennis is what more serious and the professional players call it, whereas the term Ping Pong techniques are used more by the garage players. The name table tennis has not been trademarked whereas Ping-Pong has been. The amount of spin in the ball in table tennis is very high, whereas in Ping-Pong is little. The rules of table tennis are not as flexible as that of ping-pong. Then there are different paddles in table tennis whereas the paddle in ping-pong is the same. A player gets many services in the game of table tennis whereas the number of services in ping-pong is limited. Earlier the number of points per match was 11 which was later on in 2000 increased to 21, whereas the points per match in ping-pong is only 15. The speed of table tennis is very high whereas that of ping-pong is medium slow. Most importantly, table tennis is an Olympic sport whereas Ping-Pong isn’t. But whatever be the difference both are equal when it comes to entertaining their respective audiences.