The History of Scarborough Kings Table Tennis Club

(Incorporated November 5, 1979)

In 1966, a small group of men started playing table tennis in Neil McNeil High School. They used four tables belonging to the school and called themselves the Scarborough Table Tennis Club. By 1968, the group had grown to 20 or 30 players.

In 1971, Neil McNeil needed the gymnasium time so another location and tables had to be found.

John Brayford, the first President, and Ernie Craig, the first Treasurer, approached the Scarborough Kings Athletic Club for funds to acquire equipment. With a loan of $5,000, eight tables were purchased and the Scarborough "Kings" Table Tennis Club was formed and operated out of Stephen Leacock High School. Within two years the loan was repaid and membership increased. But storage difficulties were encountered at this location which resulted in one of the members building large wooden storage cabinets for the tables.

By the time the club was moved to William Osler school in 1980, membership had risen to between 100 and 130 and house leagues were formed. It has remained at this membership since, because of restrictions imposed by the availability of gymnasium space, however, in recent years the membership has been about 200.

A Fire Marshall’s inspection in the second year at William Osler condemned the storage of the Club’s large wooden cabinets under the stairwell forcing the Club to be relocated again. This time they moved to Charles Gordon Sr. School where it remained for three years until the school required the space. At this time the Club relocated to it’s present location, J.S. Woodsworth P.S.

Over this thirty year period, the Club has had five presidents (John Brayford, Detlev Von Nottbeck, Brendon Kennelly, Fred Roberts, and Larry Laughlen) but only one treasurer, Ernie Craig.

The Club has developed four International Umpires (Ernie Craig, Detlev Von Nottbeck, Brendon Kennelly, and George Littlechild) who have officiated at the U.S. Open in Detroit, the Welsh Open in Wales, the World Table Tennis tournament in Sweden, and at numerous Canadian championships. Detlev von Nottbeck is also an International Tournament Referee.

Sending teams to the U.S. Open has been a Club tradition for the past fourteen years, resulting in many medals being won. And in 1996, a gold and silver were won by the four teams participating.

The Club has also provided the personnel and equipment to run the table tennis portion of the Scarborough Indianapolis Peace Games for the past fifteen years and has held many open and closed Table Tennis tournaments.

A small satellite club for women and men over forty years old was established twenty years ago to promote recreational play. It has four tables and operates out of Military Trail Public School (701 Military Trail).


The players using Military Trail Public School have ceased operations. The tables have been reassigned to Don Montgomery where they are currently used by the Community Centre and the Scarborough Kings Table Tennis Club for recreational programs.


Larry Laughlen,

March 2013