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2013-09-09 - OPENING DAY FOR NEW 2013-2014 SEASON


A detailed playing schedule is being prepared and will be distributed soon.
The locations of the venues with maps can be found on the web at & play schedule . 


2013-07-16 - CLOSED TUESDAY JULY 16

Due to an electrical failure at the facility Don Montgomery will be closed for this evening. 


2013-07-08 - Membership for 2013-2014

As a result of increases in the cost of gymnasiums the membership at the recent Annual General Meeting approved an adult rate of $200 for the upcoming season with a provision that an early bird rate of $170 would be available.

As a result of the policies and practices of SKTTC the following rates will apply:
Adult (Before August 31, 2013) $170 - over 18 and not in school
Adult (After August 31, 2013) $200
Senior (Before August 31, 2013) $153 - over 60 years of age
Senior (After August 31, 2013) $180
Junior (Before August 31, 2013) $112 - under 18 years or under 25 years if still in school
Junior (After August 31, 2013) $132
Family (Before August 31, 2013) $255 - two people from the same household *
Family (After August 31, 2013) $300

The Club will email invoices to members in due course.

2013-5-30 - Important Dates

Tuesday May 28 - Last day at Henry Hudson

Monday June 3 – Handicap Tournament

Tuesday June 4 – Henry Hudson Students Tournament

Thursday June 6 - Last day at Father McGivney

Wednesday June 12 – Annual General Meeting

Please try to attend the annual meeting of members scheduled for June 12 to provide your input and make decisions that will effect the future of your Club.

In addition to the election of three Board members we will need to approve a proposed increase in membership and operating fees.  The positions being vacated are currently held by Directors filling the roll of Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-President. 

If you would like to assist by becoming a Board member or in another capacity please let us know.

Monday June 14 – Last day at J S Woodsworth

Tuesday June 18 - The opening day at Don Montgomery

Wednesday June 19 – Awards Banquet.


2013-04-26 - Never Too Old For Gold


There was a one star OTTA sanctioned tournament on Monday, March 18 and April 24 for the March 18th, the winners were as follows:
1st Terry Talbot
2nd James Boyell
3rd Jim Wong
4th Alban Moniz
For April 24th the winners were:
1st Jim Tsung
2nd Donald Colin Lee Pack
3rd Edmond Ching
4th Zhibo Zhao


2013-04-26 - KEN KERR

It is with regret that I report that long time friend and supporter of table tennis Ken Kerr passed away on Monday.

As Executive Director for the Ontario Table Tennis Association Ken contributed greatly to the development of table tennis in Ontario and made it a respected organization.

You may pay respect to Kenneth Kerr
(February 14, 1934 - April 22, 2013)
Celebration of Life
The Simple Alternative - Mississauga
1535 South Gateway Road, Mississauga, ON, CANADA, L4W 5J1
Sun, 28 Apr 2013 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Info: Visitation one hour prior

2013-03-23 - Table Tennis Tournament In Memory of Jonathon Talbot




2013-01-23 - TVO's Ping Pong Challenge


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